RANT: Balance is the verbal equivalent of photoshopped airbrushing. Everyone acts like it's real and attainable when we all know that it takes an expert hours of work, to make something fake look flawless. 

"Balance" is just an act. 

Just like the photoshopped models BTS (that's cool insta-lingo for behind-the-scenes) there's a orchestrated chaotic juggling act of 14 helping hands, tools, and techniques to bring one human being together - who is portrayed in still, 2-dimensional form.

(think of these the next time your questioning your own genetic makeup while browsing through a fashion mag)

And ya know what? Balance doesn't even exist between those pages. 

Let's start with the concept: take a second to stand up, arms wide, like a scale, holding two things at once high in the air. How long do you suppose you could stand there before the blood rushes from between your fingers and your arms burn (or before someone calls you out for looking ridiculous?!) ...could you focus on one and the other simultaneously, if let's say those things were kids - or operating a moving vehicle? Not safely. Balance is unnatural. 

Even at a photoshoot: both the makeup artist and the graphic designer can't work together at all at once.

>>example gucci charity runway show<<

Real life is not a realistic backdrop for balance. We simply cannot focus on, uphold and be our best self in more than one place at one time. To be "balanced" would require that one aspect that gains presence would result in the lack of presence in another and