I am taking the next 60 days to update my site and focus on nurturing a growing community of conscious seekers in what will become a center for self creation in 2018. There is so much more magic to this and many more things to share, thank you for your support as I gather and curate the best healing resources for us to thrive. 


In love always, all ways. 



To say that everything has been leading up to this month's moon is an understatement... 

What began under the new moon a few weeks ago - heck, maybe even lifetimes ago - is an astrological Monopoly "GO" square. It's time to collect your Karmic credit and clear everything that has left you feeling like you may have lost a turn or two in previous chances. 

  • WED. MAY 10TH
  • BY DONATION (suggested $20, smiles are accepted too)

May energy manifests TRANSCENDENCE - expect magic and liberation.

If this month's moon could speak, she would smile, wink and say: buckle up. This metaphysical treasure map is the key to uncovering, clearing and cashing in on all of the cosmic investment your Soul has been saving - and on this Spirit highway, lightspeed is the limit.


In February, we experienced a lunar eclipse in Cancer. Called to nurture and highlight the most sensitive and intuitive sides of us, this moment opened a gateway to take a glimpse of what is most important to us on a Soul level: our purpose and creative calling. On April 26th's New Moon, we were asked to awaken that intuition again in a challenge to look upon our darkest sides with light, love and understanding. 

In doing so, we release some of the demonic shadow and change our action (and Karmic reaction) to the pieces in us that have been suppressed - perhaps the same ones subconsciously holding us back from reaching our true potential.  

PUT IT TO ACTION: heal by writing the things that you need to rid your heart of on paper, repeating in mantra or sitting in meditation. The moon is a time to trust your instincts, so follow whatever feels right for you, whether it involves crystals, movement or a moment of stillness. 

"I relieve myself of guilt, shame, doubt and worry. I know that everything is a part of me - shadow and light - and I am grateful for it all, for it all has led me here. I accept all that is. I accept all that I am. I breathe light into all places within my experience and my Soul and let it go. I breathe love into all places within my experience and my Soul and let it go."

Like a theme park ride operator, this lunar event pulls the lever before launching you on a ride of your very own making. Along this sky-high rollercoaster, you may find that Pluto's planetary influence in this moon pulls out some intense and polarizing experiences: highs and lows dosed with the clarity and detachment of knowing that it's simply an experience. Pluto is a distant planet for transformation and rebirth - it reaches far and deep to up-root and re-seed, while maintaining the view of life ahead.

With this duality of riding a high while seeing the low, you can delve into your own depths and solve the mysteries of your own momentum. You are both the engineer and the passenger - building and 'be'ing your own adventure. 

Full Moon May 2017 at 20°24′ Scorpio Sign aligns with fixed star Zubeneschamali 19°36′ Scorpio Sign, also symbolically named as "Full Price". This star sits in the Northern Claw (both the Arabic translation Zubeneschamali and it's zodiac image placement) and along the edge of Libra, represented by the scales. So, this relates to the Karmic Scales balancing the deeds and incarnations of a soul.

Full Price means that all karmic debts have been paid - and there may even be some credit. 

Through transcendence, we learn compassion. Envision yourself on your ride as both a parent and a child. The child may be fearful along the drops, and giddy on the going-ups. Embody that, as it is not separate an aspect from yourself. Express tenderness to the things that terrify you and approach your fortune with Grace. 

If you are enjoying your ride, use this as a time to put faith into your highest Self - the one that is no separate from the stars, or nature or collective thought or karmic action. Seek mystical surprises of the metaphysical kind - "teachers" from other lifetimes evolving through your current experience, dejavu like 'coincidences' and connections that seem to stir your psychic ability are all a sign of the raising of your vibration and the reverberation of your Karmic bank account.

PUT IT TO ACTION: Connect with those whose frequency brings fortune to the world. If you are feeling like your Cosmic checking account is abundant, pay it forward. Authentic act of charity and random kindness will keep you in the flow and confirm to the recipient that they are worthy of a wealthy spirit, too.

JOIN US: Our collective Karma rises as we gather in ritual under the moon for movement, meditation and a Shamanic flower blessing. Donations help to benefit, United We Om, a non-profit that delivers in-kind yoga and meditation support to all human spirits.

6:30pm Gentle Movement and Meditation. 7:15 Sunset Shamanic Blessing at Morgan Memorial Park. Meet under the white Greco Pavilion.

Please bring layers, a blanket and an open heart.



(Reflections from Speaking at a New York State University)

‘I killed a poisonous spider around 4 AM, still sobering up from the high of mariacon’.

Mariacon is the native Amazonian word for the peak of Ayahuasca, a jungle medicine used by Shamans and those seeking answers to all that they wonder within and around them. 

I responded to his big, curious, possibly stoned eyes, anxious for details on sightings of flesh-eating spiders in the Amazon.

Wait - so there’s no electricity?

A few hours of hand-help lights that we charge in the sun each day.

Why are there so many cockroaches?

Was it scary?

Is this sacrilegious?

Does anyone know that you do this?

The questions of a college class full of twenty-somethings was sort of like being in a press room. The fact-finders are mostly comprised of Journalism and Communications majors and it was my honor to be there on the first cool Tuesday of November, sharing about the work that I participate in in the Amazon Jungle and how it relates to their study of cultural connections. My work is deeply rooted in the communication to the Soul, to nature and to one’s truest self. 

I began our deep conversation with a lighthearted, Type-A, eagerness like that of a mother telling her child every necessary piece of advice before leaving home for the first time. I felt a certain responsibility, and sense of gratitude, for having a platform in which to share the things that I needed to hear most as a college student and one that I remind myself of daily - particularly when covered with cockroaches. “If you can take one thing away tonight from what I share, it’s that the way that you communicate with yourself is the foundation for all of your interpretation of success and failures in life”. 

I was feeling the symmetry of humility and precociousness, as only moments before entering Farmingdale State College I sat in the driver’s seat of my parked Audi and contemplated options of my next steps:

  • vomit
  • poop
  • poop and vomit
  • turn the car around and say I got a flat tire - or worse, a dramatic accident that I was somehow safe in
  • turn the car around and blame my toddler for being sick… or my elderly neighbor… or my cat (that I don’t have)
  • enter the hall with a sudden case of laryngitis and mime out my speech

I get this way every time I speak publicly. 

In a masochistic way, I embrace it. It’s a sort of barometer for balls - the brass kind. I love living in the edges. I seek out corners and push them as hard as I can. When I withdraw, I come in as close as I can. 

They say that we teach what we must learn - and this night was no exception.

Lesson 1: Learn to interpret yourself.

Learning to understand what you say to yourself is what moves you from car to classroom and comfort to growth.

Whether you’re commuting or in front of a class or a student just learning to create good copy or covered in Shipibo clothing two hours from civilization, all communication starts with(in) you.

Lesson 2: Listen to the language of your audience.

While I shared my experience and understanding of the people of Peru, the retreat center I work as an assistant healer with, and the depth and beauty of the nature of their language, I was asked for more clarity on the logistics (and lack of comfort) of the experience rather than the experience itself. 

The people that join plant medicine retreats in Peru and other indigenous tribal communities are seeking a soulful contact with the Universe, with themselves, with the vastness of all that lives within our minds and hearts and humanity that is often only grazed upon through pathways of enlightenment such as that of a yogi, or monk, or blessed nun, or of native Americans. 

The Ayahuasca journey is a way to put senses to words that have not yet been written, to speak to a part of yourself you couldn’t hear before and to interact with feelings in a way that doesn’t involve touch. It’s a complex and multi-layered concept to comprehend for those who have not had a personal awakening and desire for such experiences. It’s equally personal and intricate to describe the varying layers and intersections of communication with Ayahuasca. 

For those that have used plant medicine for healing, most agree that it’s about learning to let go, to trust, to walk outside of your comfort zone, to become one within your heart.

And in the most mysterious way, I believe that the jungle, came to provide explanation for those in the computer lined classroom that day. 

See, as the almost-graduates asked about insects and sleeping in bungalows and the impact of judgement from those around me, the jungle spirit was doing her magic. The students themselves, with their very American questions, were practicing the earliest form of communication; questioning. They were asking me the questions, of course, but behind their words was an inner dialogue happening so quickly, it’s imperceptible to anyone’s working consciousness. 

Somewhere within them, wonder arose; could I do this? Would I do this? What does this mean in relation to me? Why would I ever want to do this? and the track goes on, comparing and contrasting conceptions, considering meaning and making connections to all known encounters in their so-far, college-age lives. 

And this is the communication of the Shipibo, of the jungle, of the way mother nature and human existence intended: to communicate is to seek, to wonder, to question…

Was it scary?


Does anyone know that you do this?

Did you know that you do this?

Lesson 3: Life is always answering, so keep asking.