As a yogini, moon-chaser, creator, Shamanic dreamer with a decade of work in the health and wellness field as a certified personal trainer, I'm still often asked:

HOW CAN I LOSE WEIGHT?! (insert 8 emojis here)

While, in my humble opinion, the most direct answer is lose the shit that's making you hold onto the weight. YET, I know and understand that it's not always the response or remedy when you're staring in the mirror at your roll that's preventing closure of your jeans after a three month hiatus in leggings.

So, we take a detour from my ordinary posts for direct weight loss guidelines (that don't include adjusting your diet).

Always add first. 

If you've taken any course of mine that covers diet, you will hear me courageously proclaim (okay, so I’ve shouted F*ck diets once or twice) that the worst thing you could start with is cutting back (or carbs or any of that processed crap that's got you hooked like crack). Stay on the path you've been on - and add.

Ya, I know. Seems counterintuitive. 

But honestly, has a restrictive diet ever worked [long term]?

(epic eye roll as I slam the keyboard here) NO! 

Before we touch the fridge and fork regime, start by adding up the number of minutes you exercise each week and then break that down into vigorous and moderate activities. 

  • Moderate would be something along the lines of a leisurely hike, most yoga classes, a jog, walk, treadmill while texting, etc. 
  • Intense exercise could be a dynamic cardio session or class, kickboxing, weight training, heated / power yoga or a spirited run. 

While the total number of minutes needed for weight loss varies, based on your personal goals and current measurements, you don't need an expert* (yet) to determine if you're putting in enough independent effort. 

According to NASM Women's Fitness Specialist Guidelines: "For a woman who is simply trying to not gain weight, the Health and Fitness Professional should recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, or a combination of both each week."

To recap that: the recommendation for weight maintenance is more than the average American female is making time for in a week.  (3.75 hours)

While your first reaction may border along bummed-out, this information can actually be used as a personal breakthrough. After all, this means that the barrier might NOT be you, but rather your schedule.

If you've been wondering why the weight won't go away, maybe it's simply because you haven't made the time to let it melt off. There's nothing wrong with you and you're probably doing everything right - so, DO MORE. 

"There's nothing wrong with you."

Because time and motivation are the two biggest factors that prevent your ability to be the best version of you, I've created The Lifted Method. This class is in a category of it's own: designed with a dedicated structure to sculpt your body and uplift your Spirit while saving you time on training plans and money on therapy*.

Here’s what you gain while you log minutes of “me time” and lose the weight on your heart and hips.

  • You burn calories both in real time and through the process of thermogenesis (meaning your metabolism is working hours after your sweat dries) with the use of moderate and high intensity interval training. 
  • You will increase your physical flexibility and emotional resiliency as influenced by yoga and life coaching 
  • You won't "bulk" as all exercises are bodyweight to produce long, lean, toned and tight muscle (muscle helps burn fat, and changes your size faster than the scale)
  • You reduce stress (cortisol and other stress hormones store fat) through mantras and guided mediation 
  • You eliminate the root cause of confidence-killers with cathartic affirmations (weeding out the real reason you put on weight)

The Lifted Method is an answer to over a decade of dedicated study of the human mind and body through exercise science, the practice of yoga, hormonal and genetic studies, Shamanic work, meditative and energy healing work and the anecdotal research of formerly o̶v̶e̶r̶w̶e̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ overwhelmed women from conception in 2013 to today. 

New classes are expanding all over Long Island. Look for The Lifted Method and The Lifted Method X (45min) in a location near you to log some time along your transformation.