As soon as I can get the George Michaels lyrics (you're welcome) out of my head, I can type.


No matter what your religion or belief, to have faith in something is to trust that, ultimately, you are both a part and the source of something special. Faith operates with no proof or purpose. You may be opposed by your friends, your family, and especially your own fear-based ego. 

" have faith... is to trust that, ultimately, you are both a part and the source of something special."

As September steers us toward the icy stillness of winter, nature seeks a little fortitude and a lot of faith. See, trust and confidence alone is not enough to maintain faith. Like a Christian who goes to Church and bears witness Christ-like miracles, it's takes observation and effort to perpetuate opportunities for belief. 

Beyond the Bible, the animal kingdom sees and seeks out sustenance to survive throughout the stretch of winter. September asks us to do the same under the influence of a Piscerean Full Moon and stars that light the crispier night skies. 

Energetically, we shift into an opportunity to be creative in our Self-development, our professional endeavors and our operating system for success. Color your world as you wish the way that the Northeast Oaks will come end of month. 

September is a great time to change the landscape of your life through 

  • Life enrichment courses
  • Artistic expression
  • Educational outlets 
  • Seeking a higher power 
  • Meditation and spiritual growth

Our choice of activity this month is a VISION BOARD, with a variation. If you want to join in, we will be livestreaming a vision board workshop this month with do's and don'ts (you've likely been taught wrongly) so that you can imagine, and have faith, that everything will manifest for you.

image by Isabel Bryna

image by Isabel Bryna