In just the way that a seed will not see the sun without nutrient-rich soil and a nurturing environment, we need to surround ourselves with spirits that foster our growth and journey to our own light. 

August shifts us through the steamy thunderstorms of Summer and among the transformative magic of a Solar Eclipse (on the 21st) back to our SELF.

Eclipse season (we have several consecutive eclipse events) is a time for change, for tilling the soil of your soil and setting new intentions to align with your truest Self. With the transit of planets and blotting out of the Sun and Moon, we experience the opportunity to do the same in these 31 days. 

image via @TheHedgeDruid

The energy of the atmosphere asks that you take a look at yourSelf and your surroundings:

  • What needs to settle?
  • What can take new shape?
  • What has been constricting?
  • What needs room to grow? 

Sometimes the pressure of this whirl of energy and an objective look at the world around you can be painful, as it brings about core issues of security and sense of self. You may see things in others and places that become stifling and feel torn in learning to separate yourself from the known. Maybe your schedule no longer works for you or something you are striving toward needs more than a half-assed commitment to succeed. 

This time of change and development is difficult and dark, at times, but ultimately leads to the unveiling of your illuminated Self. Think of the butterfly losing it's form within a chrysalis - closing out the world in order to transform from a caterpillar. This is your time to go within. Seek ways to connect with your Soul through spiritual practice, meditation and creative outlets. Spend time as the gardener in your own infinite field of possibility - planting seeds and setting yourself up in a surrounding that supports your years ahead.