The Lifted Heart means the rising of the strongest life-force of humanity: love.

Lately the world, at large, is calling for an awakening into a more harmonious way of life.

We are recognizing the importance of an individual in relationship to a community. We can identify compound errors or our past, parent differently than our parents and see synchronicity in what is in the present day. We are also willing to consider that life could be different: more peaceful, joyful, connected, enriched and lived to the fullest.

To advance as a society, we need one another to awaken to our heart’s purpose more than ever. We need to receive and pass along support, guidance, healing, clarity, consistency, accountability and an understanding of who you are [becoming].

“I help you re-member why you were born so that you can fulfill your Soul mission in practical and purpose driven ways.”

It is both your birthright and your responsibility to heal.

Together we create a process to move forward, to feel better, to be seen for who you are wholly, to step into your power, to activate stagnant energy, to heal, to grow, to safely explore, to take action and accountability, to gain hope and confidence, and to help others wake up their heart’s too.

*Creator and Guide, Lauren Pacione synthesizes over 15 years of experience in wellness and healing in the fields of physical transformation, energy medicine, ecotherapy and spiritual psychology, specializing in the synastry of self-mastery. She welcomes mentorships, offers workshops (mainly in the NY/LI/BK area) community healings and retreats. You can contact Lauren here.


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Collaborations and events to connect you to your Soul and a mindful social circle of hearts —>



Healing, conscious coaching, movement and integrated offerings uplift and support your Soul. Customized to you, whether it’s breaking through a deep transition or receiving a tune-in once or twice —>



Business is a living breathing organism with a Soul. Elevate the energy, efficiency and output of your organization —>


Explore how you may be of service. Like the four directions, we pay our fortunes forward in four ways.


It is my intention, after receiving personal freedom through journeying with the Spirit World, to share the gifts of self-creation and healing of Mother Earth with you.

May you re-member your whole Self.

— Lauren Pacione, Student and Guide