Do you give your all, but find that there are few people to ‘hold space’ for you?

Are you the healer, helper, mother and mentor for those you love? Do you give your all, but find that there are few, if any people to ‘hold space’ for you? Healing and training for those who heal and train is how I serve you best.

As an intuitive with trainings in movement (women’s fitness specialization, yoga, dance), meditation, initiated in Earth Medicine, energy healing, spiritual psychology, mysticism, leadership in integrative medicine and a background of building business, I synthesize polarities in schools of thought into a whole-hearted approach to your self-mastery. Though I am most known for working with Master healers and teachers, I meet you “where you are” and create a completely custom program to help you re-member what you’re on Earth to complete. Along with that, we develop strategy for your personal evolution, I teach you how to find answers within yourself and embed ancient practices of wisdom in a practical plan that serves as a foundation for your personal and professional growth.

My clients are: renowned yoga therapists, healers and psychologists, studio owners, moms, women in career transition, male and female CEO’s and Executives of “traditional corporate organizations,” high school and college students - you.



combines any or all of the following modalities

  • Conscious Coaching with prompts + to-do’s

  • Mind-Body Wellness (including yoga + transformational fitness)

  • Meditation + Breathwork

  • Shamanic healing + energy medicine


Anyone who has a desire to be fully committed to creating self-mastery, to living in total alignment and who believes (or wants to believe) that your personal growth will impact the planet.

*payment plans and virtual sessions are available.

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I will text you within 24 hours to arrange a consult.