Like a gardener preparing her land, the foundation to all healing, regrowth and blooming into one’s soul-purpose begins by cleansing.


La Limpia is a ceremonial navigation of your subtle energy bodies to weed and erase painful and destructive imprints of emotion and/or entities.

Song, prayer, meditation, herbal smoke, drumming, crystal therapy, nature immersion, ancestral and Spirit guidance, banos (bath), floral or oil essence, breathwork, light and energy healing may all be used for the de-entanglement of specific energies.


The Human body consists of physical and luminous or spiritual anatomy. These patterns of reference and resonance are like a map that manifests internally and within your present day world. 

They appear along the Meridian points among the Chakra system and present in the emotional and physical realms of the form, thoughts and the external environment. A pattern can form in this lifetime or from ancestral trauma. 


  • shame, guilt, blame

  • projecting, feeling victimized

  • depression, malaise, fatigue

  • sadness, disconnection, numbing

  • anxiety, OCD, controlling behavior

  • anger, rage, addiction

  • distractions, procrastination

  • confusion, doubt, fear, frustration

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Of course, many of these emotions are human emotions, however, a clear system is a channel for life-force energy like a straw and when we are clean, these emotions move through us quickly and with a Creation perspective. The evolution process of Nature lives within us: purge (fall), cleanse (winter), heal (spring), transform (summer).  Continual cleanses deepen our connection to Source, unlock healer's rights and open your potential for your highest self to manifest.


  • To wash the energetic waste from the subtle energy system.

  • To restore clarity, luminescence and vitality to the physical and ethereal bodies.

  • To become a channel for self-healing.


A consultation and Shamanic treatment using the foundation of a traditional Peruvian Limpia for specific healing. All intricate materials included (only high-vibrational, authentic Peruvian, organic and shamanically blessed allies are used) as well as any take-home token or ritual suggested for you.



Situations in which a personal cleanses can be used for (not limited to):

  • FULL CHAKRA CLEARING (erasing early lifetime patterns and restoring clarity in the energy field. Clearing meridians, rejuvenating your light and awakening Soul messages)

  • WOMB HEALING (healing from birth, sexual trauma, PCOS, Endometriosis, Cervical cancers, hysterectomy, menopause, infertility, PPD, early childhood abandonment)

  • HEART HEALING (healing from traumatic relationships, grief, loss, maternal wounds, child wounds, depression, anxiety, heart palpitations, upper back pain)

  • ANCESTRAL HEALING (cord cutting, familial systems drama and trauma, healing for future generations, cleansing divorce trauma)

  • ENTITY CLEARING (a feeling of 'bad luck', being haunted, attracting 'negativity' misfortune in business, health, and home, disconnection or anger, fear, panic)

  • HEALER'S RITES** (a calling to be [are] a healer in this lifetime, for the purpose of fulfilling your Soul path. Receive the rites of The Healer in Shamanic tradition in accordance with the Incan lineage and prophecy of the Quero Paqos (Priests) in the high Andes) To serve as a healer, you must cleanse your empathic sludge, and become a clean channel for Spirit and light to move through you **Lauren Pacione received transmissions and blessings to perform these rites by Don Augustin, Elder of the Quechua Community in Peru



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La Limpia Ceremony (Cleanse)

Personal and custom cleanse to remove old patterning and restore your light.

*We use your home, nature or my partner locations.

HOURS: 3 ($399) includes consultation, cleanse, ceremony + prescribed rituals, light snack and refreshment. 

<discounted rate of $133/hour>

PREREQUISITES: None. Medical clearance, if requested. 


Please dress in white or light colored, comfortable garments. No jewelry to be worn, though you may bring it or any other sacred | meaningful objects to also be cleansed and blessed for you. 

You may be asked to bring an offering for Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) like seeds, small compostable food or flowers.

No alcohol or sexual intercourse 48 hours before and after la limpa. Minimal technology (news, social media) and a high-vibrational plant-based vegan diet is suggested in this time period.

You may bring a journal and|or have time to work through questions and observations.

*Please note: though you may experience a shift in consciousness, a cleanse does not involve the use of any external substance that alters your awareness. 


Home or business cleanse ceremony (At a rate of 2-5 Hours)

Traditional Despacho Offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth's Field) (2 hours)

Group Ceremony (exchange rate varies based on number of people)

*Healers Rites (a minimum prerequisite of 3 cleanses, 3 initiatory ceremonies)


Nomabo beashkin //

Spirits of the plants shall come

Chiti chiti shamani //

They all dance among us now

Raro raro shamani //

With their joyous dance they heal

Non mato ishonon //

To you all I give this prayer

- Excerpt from A Shipibo Icaro (Healing Prayer Song), by Don Miguel, Iquitos Peru