What can I expect from The Lifted Heart CORE.WORK?

Level I is a guide to empowering YOU, your body and life. 

You will leave this camp with tools to feel lighter and create clarity, confidence and a more complete sense of self.  

What is The Corework?

The LYH Corework is an exclusive series of prompts to purposefully and practically guide you to your best YOU. The Corework is presented to you exclusively by a certified Lifted Method™ Practitioner.

The Corework aims to serve as a skeleton of your Self-Creation, expansion and evolution by shifting your weight-loss from skin to Soul. Your high vibe revitalization begins with these five limbs of your lifestyle.






The full Corework description is here

How do I use The Corework?

Group conversation, examples and coaching help you to complete The Corework in a way that is authentic to you, your body, and your life.

*please note that 1-1 guidance supports you at events. Formal heart guidance sessions are available for purchase pre and post integration.


Each camp has a different theme, feel and schedule to create the most personal and beneficial experience for you. Camp is an opportunity to belong in a safe and welcoming environment; to become, dream and do what is true to you. 

Unless otherwise noted, all camps (day and weekend) include:

The LIFT YOUR HEART core coursework

The Lift Your Heart Self-Love Vegan Leather Journal

30 days of continued Lift Your Heart Prompts and guidance

Snacks and light refreshments

Body movement (yoga and/or group training) + energy healing

Spirited conversation and a safe place to explore what your Soul really wants with new friends-turned-sisters.

Click here for an itinerary from our Self Love Summit 



Day camp is a single, all-day event to let go, laugh with women who get 'it' and cultivate self love. The dates are limited.

Weekend Camp is a mini-retreat, each with it's own flavor and flow. Weekend Camp always has a theme that is relevant to the LYH Coursework and our mission to love more by expanding, exploring and elevating our internal and external experiences. From surfing and snowboarding, to spa-ing, weekend camps cultivate the ultimate environment for a recharge and reset of body and life. Camps are limited in size to ensure an intimate and attentive adventure. Dates and Rates vary: check out the calendar here.

What if I don't know anyone?

Most people find it easier to be who they truly are when no one "knows" them from another perspective in life. And - given the nature of the work we exchange, the "strangers" you met upon arrival will become spirited sisters by the time you leave.

What if I have I'm unsure of all of this work? 

If you have an open mind and lust a bod and life you love, that's all you need. Read: Is this for me?

Do I need to workout | have spiritual experience | have met with you first?

Nope! (Although I can't wait to meet you!) You will be totally in-the-loop the entire time whether or not you have done this or any other self improvement work prior to. 

When you sign up for camp, be sure to follow us on IG so we can get to know each other!

What if I'm not "in-shape" - can I still participate in the body work?

Hell to the yes! You will be asked to sign a health waiver, for everyone's safety (and 'cause the law says so) but all participation to whatever extent feels right in the moment is encouraged.

  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition or inhaler, you will be asked to disclose that information and bring any medical items you are prescribed. 
  • *NOTE: All instructors, guides, coaches (myself included) are background checked and have CPR/AED/First Aid certification by the American Red Cross.  

Is food included?

Each camp has a feel and flow that is harmonious with nature's backdrop and local fare. Any meals, snacks and refreshments are indicated in the details for the specific camp. A full menu is provided within 4 days of the weekend camp date (if applicable). If you have any special diet restrictions or allergies, we will communicate further via email to accommodate you best. 

If baking or cooking is a form of connection for you, we welcome that... please write a love note here to request bringing anything for the community and to receive a total count of guests.

Remember: part of our camp convo includes HEALTH + WELLNESS. We talk dirty about clean eating, the deal with macros, diet destruction and how to find the RIGHT fitness FOR YOU. 


Daily Rituals, Self love, Full Moon Party... umm?

I hold title of a certified personal trainer who loves to box, NPC Bodybuilding trophies and life-long, born and bredNew Yawka, so I understand toughness and skepticism. I've also dedicated to demystifying the Divine through working with guides, mediums, astrologers and Shamans in the middle of the Jungle and making water with the Moon. 

If you aren't familiar with holistic, spiritual and sacred practices, these terms may seem a little foreign to down-right frightening... pinky promise; there's nothing dangerous, religious or evil about it. 

As women, we all share a connection to Mother Earth. We use our nature (Source) energy through bodywork and intuition, sometimes by using movements like squats or surfing, other times with symbols like stones, sage or a star-lit bonfire. You can torch some Sage or observe on stand-by. You always choose what is right for you. 


What do I pack / wear / bring?

Like a slumber party, for your soul. This is one trip that will help you eliminate some baggage!

You are provided with a list of suggestions on what to bring and wear before each experience. 



If you are flying (training/biking/cruising) into the region, instructions and inclusions are noted. Airfare and travel expenses to and from the experience are rarely included and always stated. Email us for specifics.



Other fees:

I don't use the word 'hate'... but if I did... it would be followed by hidden fees. 

None of that here, nope, nada... 

  • There are opportunities to upgrade your lodging and travel experience where applicable - fees are clearly communicated. 
  • Some experiences have additional activities that you may add to your adventure, these are always a solo investment and never required of you or the group (excursions and activity options are noted along with pricing where applicable).

TIPS: No monies are expected or obligated. I do not receive personal tips... I do welcome donations (check out where LYH donates here). Everyone from the driver, to instructors, to the chef and partnering staff have all been taken care of by us unless otherwise suggested.


Merchandise: Your camp includes a Lift Your Heart gift and The Corework. Most often there is additional apparel available for purchase if you wish to bring home a momento or gift. You may also purchase a LYH gift certificate for a friend or family member (you're such a generous spirit!) before and during our time together.

Our intention is to offer the most practical and purpose FULL guide to YOU.


This is a frequently asked Q... one that is best realized with this thought: 

we are all here for a common reason: we desire to love our body + life. 

The emotions we feel surrounding self-esteem and courage are experienced at the age of 15 and 25 and 55+. We have the ability to look beyond skin and see the Soul of another (which has no linear age or limitations), we have a unique intuition that allows us to recognize parts of our self in someone else, and in the end, we do as our ancestors before us have: we learn with and from each other.

You are welcome here, as you are - at any age (shape, race, size, profession or lack there of...preference for cats or dogs...).

Also see: Is this for me?



Evolution is shared among all people. However, certain life transitions lend theme to some beautiful bonding... once a year, we form a special group for moms (and moms to be) and teens  - spacing and schedule is limited so make sure you save a seat early! 

(pregnancy through 4 years post partum)


  • The LYH Mama Core.Workshop is one of my favorites - and a big part of why I started this! As a new mom (7.25.14) with a background as a Women's Fitness Specialist and pre-post natal care, I understand the awe-inspiring (seemingly overwhelming at times) and life-altering process that a birth brings. Hormonal changes, household shifts, body, career and relationship adjustments, and our spirituality/dreams for our future all come into view as we focus on learning to transform these new radical changes into chances for your own rebirth.

    Think of this as a baby shower on soul-roids... lots of celebration, creation, destruction of the shit that's not working, and dreams turned into reality. (No Diaper Genie talk allowed!)

And yes, you can totally bring your breast pump! (2017 date(s) coming soon)


I want to join camp - but I don't know which one! Ahh, help!



Can I pay in installments? 

LYH experiences offer payment options and are available (only where indicated). If you are really, really interested in attending (for yourself or as a gift) and are struggling with the funds, please email me - let's talk

Are there refunds?

Sorry, no, there is a strict no refund policy on all services. If you do not wish to attend, please contact may have the option to transfer your seat to another date or person (or 'pay it forward') to someone who otherwise couldn't attend. 

All apparel items are final sale. However, if you received an item that is damaged or you aren't in love with it, please contact me... I like to make people happy... and I will see what can be done to elevate your experience.

You will be required to agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before participating in any LYH Experience.

PRICE (and donations): I've skipped a lot of common marketing (like prices that end in .97) because I respect you, I believe in my services and products and I know the invaluable effect that they have. The same outlook applies to content, sources, vendors, and people I like to promote: all are local, heart-felt, handmade, inspired and high-quality. 

My private rate as a personal trainer during my last session (in 2014) was $120 / 45 min. My coaching rate was $180 / 60 min. The only way to exercise or coach one on one with me now is through retreat or workshops. 

I believe in my services and spend a lot of my proceeds on giving back in every way I can.

  1. The value for an 8 hour day camp is $1580 (you only invest $495) 
  2. Every single camp attendee allows LYH to donate a FREE camp seat to an under-resourced teen girl. 

OUR BIZ MODEL: The very fabric of our Heart-2-Heart business model is what makes us successful in more ways than monetary. We are so grateful for the impact that you have made directly upon your life, mine, hers and of the Universe. You fucken rock. Thank you.

"I WANT..." (Feedback, Comments, Questions, Suggestions)

I am so very proud of sharing The Coursework with you - it is service that I love and want you to love, too. If there's anything you feel would lift your experience, if you want to create a custom camp, or ask me to speak at your event, please send a love note

I adore suggestions. For me "you should" is always followed by "listen to your heart" ...this means if it's not on here, it may be on it's way, it may not work for me - even if it works really well for others (like 9.97 pricing). 

I love supporting people, purpose and products that promote good vibes. Any and all ideas for collabs that create greater good are welcome here.

Random Question? Nothing is too specific or general, too spiritual or scientific, too silly or sexy... ask away.

I know you inspiring and creative, and so ready for this, too. 

Thank you for your support and for keeping me in love.

See ya real soon!



Please submit your resume, a note, or a link to your blog. We hire per-diem, as collaborations and offer flexible, creative work with self-regulated salary (earn as much as you like).



Find out how you can help facilitate an experience with us for a discount (even for FREE). College credit and internship friendly!


Where are you from, what's your background, experience and expertise?

Aww, thanks for asking about me, you're so sweet! Professionally: For a decade I have been a certified personal trainer (women's fitness specialist) lifestyle coach, and bodybuilding champ. I became a mama in 2014. I dance, box, breathe through asanas, "experiment" in the kitchen and like to speak in accents. I've reCreated myself from abuse (drugs, alcohol, toxic relationships, self-sabotaging, unflattering choice of hair color). I leave socks all over the house (I like bare feet). I build awesome forts, am obsessed with nature and love the change of seasons (I like pines and palms, snow and sand). When we aren't traveling, I live in a hippie town on the LI Sound with my fur baby (min pin), my man-friend and my daughter, Aspen Rose. Learn a little more here

Do you guide the workshops and retreats?

YES! This is what I love most. 

What's in your journal?

I do actually share that with you (when we gather).

Do you still have breakdowns, insecurities and doubt?

I am super open about my personal experiences here. The Corework is a continuum of how I Create mySelf, body, work and life.

Do you offer The CoreWork to corporations or private groups?

YES! This is a beautiful way to support your staff and Self. 

Do you speak at events?

I love public speaking... because it's scary... and if it inspires one Soul to love themselves a little more, then I've done my Dharma. Info about speaking events, private workshops and book readings can be found here.

My favorite color(s) is everything you see on the site...My birthday is June 9th and yes, I do like long walks on the beach... I am finishing my first book to be released 2017 and I don't have a favorite quote (just 1?!)... ask anything you're curious about here: 

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