one year ago I never could have imagined myself in this place I am today...

"I could feel the need for a change coming for a while. 

I had a great career that paid well, even in a tough economy, and was completely unfulfilled in my heart. 

I knew I wanted more, but wasn't sure what direction to take - when, where or whether or not it was the right move.

[LYH] helped me embrace what I didn't see in myself. I discovered how to launch my passion into a very successful and unique business as a visual storyteller. I feel confident in my direction and making right decisions for me and continue to use The Coursework as a magnifying glass to see the answers within what I already have.

UPDATE: one year ago I never could have imagined myself in this place I am today... LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE!

My business is on a roll, my home life is starting to feel more balanced and I have let go of the pressure I put on myself. Can't wait to join another camp!"


Having a healthy business starts with a happy business owner. If you are a lady boss, you must invest in your self first. Watch how lifting your heart will create stronger leadership, a lifeline to create direction and success, and loving, loyal customers.