If you were waiting for a sign: this is it. Whether you're sick of stalling, get stuck from time to time in self-shaming, or are deep into soul-shifting, you are not alone and you're probably really ready for this (here's how ya know)

see how these women lifted:


Each woman who began lift your heart is just like you... though our individual stories may be different, we all have a common goal: 

we want more out of life. 

"I have made it through the worst heartbreak I've ever felt, body image issues, and a "friend" cleanse. I am now 40 lbs lighter, completed my dual masters in education and am a 200RYT Yoga Instructor. I have come such a long way and have found happiness along my continued journey, thanks to your continued support and motivation."

"I never knew I could be exhausted and energized at the same time. That was physically tough and emotionally nurturing.You are a LIFE TRAINER!!!"

"Over time I felt a sense of ownership of myself and how making the "right" decisions meant mind, body and soul."

"I've learned it's all about finding the methods that work for you and make you feel good."

"I knew it was working when I saw my daughter making healthier choices too."

"I wish someone taught me this at 20."

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