YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH (in fact you're too much...)

Sometimes we feel like we aren't enough...

thin enough... rich enough... pretty enough... lovable enough...

and that's natural in today's world. So many of us are trying to be the "everything woman". You know: the housewife in the kitchen, the lady boss in the beach-side-board-room and a porn star in the bedroom - all while finding time for social media posts and learning wtf s-e-o actually means. This pressure is placed internally through evolutionary survival-of-the-fittest instinct, the information we tell our selves based on past emotional rejection and our present day story of

'where we are vs. where we think we should be in life.' 

Hell, every day we are marketed to in ways that are intended to remind us of what we lack.

Companies count on and create our incomplete feelings. And we buy into it... literally. Obsessively comparing our accomplishments and accumulations with the next person or product is what keeps corporations profitable while we go emotionally bankrupt. 

Most of us are so internally ashamed of what we appear to lack externally that we cover up our holes with a host of patches that promise to make us complete.

We buy phones that are way out of our price range, we commit to events that we have no desire to attend, we overpay for an education with the hopes of an unpaid internship, we buy workout DVDs with six-second scams and then sit on the sofa scrolling Insta and jealously drooling over other's highlight reels... nothing and no one is safe. 

Everyone from the perfectionist copy-writer to the party-girl is stuffing their empty spaces with expectations and addictions, from shopping to drugs to toxic relationships to food to exercise to procrastinating by pinning a whole board of DIY projects that will never be done. 

The over-spending, over-eating, over-compensating is never enough for how much we undervalue what we already have.

(and it's too much)

Have you ever grazed the kitchen looking for something when you're perfectly full?

Or known a bridezilla who has a gorgeous wedding and all the support and money in the world - but it's never enough?

How about one-two-drinks too many side effects?

(just checking)

The irony of overcompensating is that while we may feel empty and at the same time, incredibly heavy.

Floating between feeling nothing at all or in too much pain.

This paradoxical feeling perpetuates a cycle of need to fill the space with stuff - only to realize that we are stuffed - and yet are still unsatisfied.

This failure to fulfill is enough to make us feel [all over again] that we are not enough.

Burdened <-> barely making it <-> Burdened

Can't you relate at times?

The truth is: we are more than enough.

In fact, we're too much.

Let's say it together:


Because most of us spend most of our lives suffering with SpaceBags™ of longing, loneliness and lack picked up along the way.  

 'I'm just going to hold onto this totally traumatic relationship so that if it happens again I know what to wear."

We end up with a suitcase full of sh*t, you know -just in case.

And just because we like to be over-prepared for more underwhelming things, we stuff ourselves with things that started as relief for our symptoms (busy-work, shoes, tequila, tacos, guys) but that offered no real support. It's like we vacuum-seal every piece of the past so that we can protect ourselves in the future.


Your future is sunny and bright, warm and welcoming. So let's unpack that 80's snowsuit - you don't need it where you're going.

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Not practical, not breathable and worst of all: not tannable.

Before you embark on the next part of your human journey (go on that date, launch that biz, start that diet), you need to learn how to lighten the load (and how to edit your luggage).

You see, most of us have been toting around the stuff we tried to resolve by burying what our family life did to make us feel unloved, what our friends did to make us feel ditched, what that perfect-girl-in-the-mag-that-we-love-to-hate does to make us feel unattractive and what failing at our food plan or general loss of direction does to make us feel fat.

*exhale* there I said it: FAT.

And I am not really talking about the excess 5...15...150lbs that some of us desire to lose - I am talking about the reason we decided to overflow in the first place. The feeling of

failure weighs so heavily on us (whether it's on our heart, head or hips).

The truth, ladies, is we've got too much on our minds long before it manifests on our bodies: too much guilt, shame, shoulda-woulda-couldas and too many expectations. 

Don't let future fears and past failures bury you from who you really are. 

Now while your childhood may have been occasioned with childlike teasing or totally traumatic, that is not the cause of your stalling (though many well-paid [speaking from experience] therapists will have you believe that's the root of your behavior). 

The real reason that we are so heavy is because we have allowed the baggage to block our light.

Imagine what your world would feel like... what your mirror would reflect... what your energy would project if you were able to tap into your self at a soulful level - critique free...

Pretty. Light.

My beautiful ever-becoming being: everything you could ever need is already inside of you.

You just have to move a few things out of the way so you can see it.

(Step 1: Light Your Heart ->)