Physical trauma is stored in the outermost energy sheath of the body. Deep-seeded emotions that are associated with palpable pains create what Shamans and healers identify as a blockage in the physical-energetic realm.

Movement Medicine works to engage your body as a cure for energetic and emotional healing.

A guided 1-1 custom program is designed with the aid of yoga, bodyweight training, primal and functional motion and breathwork in an effort to transform both the kinesthetic intelligence and outward appearance of your human form.

I specialize in working with healers, women healing from trauma, pre and post natal, peri and post menopausal stages and in harmonizing inner and outer states of "light". 



Custom-created, on-location progressive programming. Imaging for auric and physical progress as well as for exercise reference. Personal mantra and healing affirmations. 


  • To clear dis-ease and erase physical and spiritual toxicity and "weight".
  • To develop, autonomy, motivation and an understanding of what works best for your long term maintenance.
  • To gain a deep mind-body intelligence in which you begin to communicate and exude a healthy appearance from the inside, out.
[Lauren is] nurturing and kick-ass. I feel stronger on the inside, found muscles that I couldn’t feel even before my first child and love the choices I make for my “body-temple”. This is unlike any other workout I’ve tried (and I’ve tried alot!!) You’re not a trainer, you’re a sweat shaman.
— M.Z. Mom, Entrepreneur, Soul friend.


Name *
Please share what you would like to feel inside and out. Include any goals, injuries, traumas, life changes (birth, menopause, emotional shifts) that come to mind. If you have specific days | times that work best for you, please include this. Note that there may be a waiting cue, however I will respond to all inquiries within 36 hours.
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Program options

3 Months (2x week)

2 Months (3x week)

60 min session, on location*

*We use your home, nature or my partner locations.

HOURS: 24 ($2884)

REQUISITES: Medical clearance, if requested. All levels of physical fitness welcome.


Written exercises for independent adherence are available at the rate of (2) hours per month. 

Custom nutritional allies for specific goals (pricing varies).



And I said to my body, softly,

'I want to be your friend'.

- Nayyirah Waheed