Nature immersion is a therapeutic cleansing of the physical and energetic anatomy using the healing properties of the elements. Intrinsically woven with ecotherapy - the practice of transpersonal development with and in the natural environment - you are restored to a place of right relationship in the web of life.

YAKU (WATER) HEALING CEREMONY (available May - October)

In Incan tradition we call upon the Spirit helpers of Ukhu pacha (the underworld) to wash away our heavy energies that are holding us back from living our best life. Offering our tears like blood to the waters, our weight is lifted and light can be restored through the chakras, particularly the head, heart and solar plexus by aligning your luminous self to the Cosmos and the Star that lives inside of you; your Soul. 


  • To cleanse the body, mind and spirit.

  • To enter into a relationship of forgiveness, to heal from disease or physical relationships | familial Karma.

  • On some occasions, may be used as a blessing in ceremonial union, motherhood preparation or birth.

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Mama Killa - the moon - rules the tides and shifts us into different phases of life under the influence of her lunar cycles. We as humans are composed of 60-70% water and star material, reinforcing the effect that we feel within us the Earth is influenced by our Sun. In the Western world, water has been used across many traditions for healing, rebirth and purification. 

In Eastern Science, Dr. Emoto proved that water holds a consciousness and takes shape as a direct result of thoughts, emotion, words, and music with a variety of patterns including that which resembles cancerous dis-ease or snowflake like sacred geometric fractals.

Using water as a conduit and spirit helper to heal is an unspoken commitment to recreate on a cellular level. This is a powerful healing ceremony and works with equal power to those with specific intentions and those who do not know why they are experiencing such suffering.




A consultation and Shamanic treatment using the foundation of a traditional Peruvian Limpia for specific healing. All intricate materials included (only high-vibrational, authentic Peruvian, organic and shamanically blessed allies are used) as well as any take-home token or ritual suggested for you.

OPTIONAL: Yaku Journey 

We journey together at Rainbow Falls in upstate New York, exploring the elements for personal wayfinding, heart guidance and ceremonial healing. You will gather and participate in your own circle ceremony. This includes all day hike, water bath, prepared take-home medicine bundle, blessings, custom mantra for healing and vegan picnic lunch. (starts at $798)

NOT INCLUDED: transportation and optional lodging, snacks, water. 



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(Yaku) Water Healing Ceremony 

A nature immersive experience using elements and custom healing tools to cleanse your energy and restore harmony to your internal, light.

*We use Long Islands's abundant beaches and park locations.

HOURS: 3 ($399) local LI ceremony: includes consultation, cleanse, ceremony + prescribed rituals, light snack and refreshment. 

<discounted rate of $133/hour>

PREREQUISITES: None. Medical clearance, if requested. 


Please dress in layered, comfortable garments. No jewelry to be worn, or valuables, though you may bring it or any other sacred | meaningful objects and crystals to also be cleansed and blessed for you. Please bring a swimsuit, sunscreen and towel.

You may be asked to bring an offering for Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) like seeds, small compostable food or flowers.

No alcohol or sexual intercourse 48 hours before and after la limpa. Minimal technology (news, social media) and a high-vibrational plant-based vegan diet is suggested in this time period.

You may bring a journal and|or have time to work through questions and observations.

*Please note: though you may experience a shift in consciousness, a cleanse does not involve the use of any external substance that alters your awareness. 

Fernando Garcia - "Earth's Hair"

Fernando Garcia - "Earth's Hair"

“The memory of life arrived on this earth carried by the soul of water.

From this memory, life awoke, the human being emerged...” 


-Masaru Emoto,

'The Secret Life of Water'