The thoughts we think and emotions we feel become seeds from which our surroundings blossom.

Healers, mystics and Shamans have known this for years: heeding dreams and following the animals for omens. Journey the dream-world and you’ll find a moldable landscape that lays down for nothing if not manifested fragments of the mind.

Giving back to the Earth for the elements: the water, the fires, the air and land is an offering of gratitude for the grounding energy of all that becomes from all that is believed.

In Andean tradition, we thank the planet and all living creatures with Despacho: an offering much like an altar, in the form of a blessing bundle gifted to the Mother Earth.

The bundle holds symbolic offerings and the prayers of each participant. As it is collectively assembled and held in ceremony, it increases in frequency, becoming a living blessing that washes over the room and all those who’s heart is connected to it. 

Participants are encouraged to bring biodegradable symbols as an offering (flowers and foliage, paper, feathers, natural yarn or fabric, fruits, seeds, nuts, coffee grinds, sugar, and spices) to contribute to the offering.

Unlike a resolution or a goal, the power of an intention holds a stronger vibration.

Intention is where intuition and recognition meet.

The power of intention is amplified as a natural axis point of recognition and intuition. Our bodies and emotions call us back to the Earth over and over. As we awaken and ascend, we begin to listen to this calling: seeking out the vistas of beaches and mountains, noticing the scenery that was always there but not felt and eventually becoming so intrinsically (re)connected to nature that you are in relationship with nature as you to it(her) and you as it(her).

This remembering brings humanity into a space of co-creation upon which synchronicity is abundant and awareness is heightened. Life becomes more beautiful, slower, more responsive to your harmony and as such, you become the living ceremony: a bundle, breathing, blessing, being the Earth.

And so it is!