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Join us for a one and a half day women's self-love camp among the oak trees on the North Shore of long island. Invigorate your body mind and spirit through bodywork, practical and purposeful journaling, and an organic picnic with our Lift Your Heart community. 


30 minute Heart Guidance Session with Lauren 

Beautiful Vegan Leather Journal (in a color of your choice)

5 Heart Guidance Sessions, covering

  • Health + Wellness (including lessons on Women's Fitness, Nutrition and Self-Talk)
  • Environment, Career + Community (learn to create a support system and cultivate purposeful profit)
  • Acceptance + Appreciation (learn to let go of limiting beliefs, and welcome the art of allowance)
  • Resiliency + Daily Rituals (get tougher and get consistent to stay mindful and meaningful in ways that work FOR YOU)
  • Transformation + Self Growth (leave with a plan for continued development and direction)

The Coursework in e-book and printed format

Group Personal Training 

Guided Meditation + Heart Breathing Technique 

30 Days of Action Packed Plans to continue your self-development and support your wellness

STARTS: SATURDAY MAY 21 9:30am - 4:30pm CONTINUES: SUNDAY MAY 22 10:30am - 2:30pm


Come exactly as you are, with an open heart and comfy clothing. The next step is to secure your seat (spaces are limited to 12 to ensure the sacred and safe nature of our group work). You will then receive an email with details to schedule your private and personal heart guidance session. 

Love to see you there! 


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e-CAMP (PRE-SALE) *price increase MARCH 9*
to Mar 8

e-CAMP (PRE-SALE) *price increase MARCH 9*

How to fall in love with your body and life (and break up with that shit that aint working for ya!)

This is *the most* practical and purposeful way to whole-heartedly create instant momentum and lasting change in all areas of life. You can finally feel better about your body, your business, being the best mama for your babies (fur counts) and everything in between). 

16 sections of raw, funny, real and relatable material are broken into 5 areas of life:






Each section is condensed with coaching video, prompts, and an e-Journal to track your Self-Love Journey. Think of the curated info like, cute, creative cliff notes for life, so that you can focus on only what matters and gain clarity, confidence and direction every day (starting the day you begin)!

You also get 


  • LADY BOSS LAUNCH (for wanna be and seasoned business owners)
  • MOMS THAT LIFT (a permission slip for moms and moms to be to focus on YOU*)

(*I'm a mom too - this is a MUST WATCH)

A GORG E-JOURNAL stuffed with only the most necessary prompts to make you feel stronger, a little sexier, and teaches you how to self-care so you can have the utmost success.

30 DAYS OF HEART-LIFTING AFFIRMATIONS to support you after the coursework.


--> Here's the scoop: I have participated in a lot of programs, including my own training as a coach and trainer with everyone from National Academy of Sports Medicine to Tony Robbins, lots of crystal gurus, healers, and some celeb speakers. NO ONE has a camp like this. When I created LYH I wanted something super purposeful, practical and quick. I wanted something spiritual but without setting myself on fire as I fell asleep on my incense. I wanted something that I could apply to my business, my personal brand and my whole being: body and soul. I wanted something girly and pretty and that made me feel like I was watching Sex and the City. And since I couldn't find it, I created it. Some days with a Cab Sav and a box of Oreos, some days with organic Chai Tea, kale salad and some other medicinal greenery. 

The camp has a unique ebb and flow. Some Heart Guidance Sessions are longer than others, the material is most direct and to the point and the tone is kind of like chatting with your best friend.

Because, listen, you deserve a life that lights you up - and if that's what you want - then I want to be the friend to give it to ya.


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