This [LYH] truly changed more than one life.”
— New Mama

When I became pregnant I was elated. 

And unprepared. 

The mixture of joy and confusion, and the identity of who I thought I would and should be as a mother and professional was overwhelming at times...

I was comparing myself and didn't know the answer to countless questions that arose.

The Coursework helped me to get really clear about who I am and what I really need (and need to do) going forward.

I created a plan. And purpose.

Through the journal (which was surprisingly easy in my routine, even with a newborn

I discovered more acceptance of myself, genuine enjoyment through physical changes and am truly happy.

...because I learned to care for myself, I care better for my daughter and teach her the same.

happy (15).png

Whether you are a seasoned soccer mom, a mama-to-be or are supporting yourself, LYH creates space for a rebirth of YOU.

You deserve to have a body and life you love.