“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions:

"When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing?

When did you stop being enchanted by stories?

When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?”

Gabrielle Roth

For most of us raised in Western culture, these engagements with the Earth and ourselves halted at such a young age that it may never truly have started to bloom in your own life. Perhaps you always felt sensitive, different, accepted when in nature but awkward or anxious in larger groups of disconnected individuals. Remembering our place in time and space, here on Earth, is to reconnect to our Mother’s Mother; Nature and all of her wisdom, clarity, trust and intuition that lives materially through us. The engagement of aligned relationship with Earth, our Soul and All is not only a birthright, but a sacred responsibility as a human Soul.

For all of us, the path is widened with a questioning of the status-quo, a re-opening of a wound and an inner knowing that the time has arrived to go inward and nourish the seeds you came to Earth to grow. For some of us, the journey is already known to be in contribution with outward calling to share this sacred wisdom with others; to spread the healing power of the Self and of Earth and to be in total alignment with a Soul Mission. Earth Medicine serves as both personal development and professional acts of service in re-establishing a right relationship with yourself and the world.

*you do not need to be or plan on being a teacher to receive the gift of Earth Medicine

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair.”

-Khalil Gibran



  • live with more peace, clarity, confidence and intuition?

  • break free from karmic cycles and familial trauma?

  • rebel from the programming of “should’s” and societal expectations?

  • heal yourself and contribute to helping others on our planet?

  • deepen your relationship to your Soul and the natural world?

  • guide others in a journey that is in harmony with the Earth?

  • work outside, travel and inspire others with a free life?


In fact, she’s screaming out in pain and terror for you to take on your mission you contracted to upon human incarnation.

Greta Thunberg, pioneer of the Global Climate Strike is quoted as saying “Act as if your house is on fire” in reference to what’s happening; but brothers and sisters, it’s not just our home, our mother is on fire!

This is not the work of a bucket or two to douse the flames, but the collective of all humanity to witness the hurt and reverse the wheel, together and for one another.

The practice of Earth Medicine is a natural path of walking in alignment with your Soul in harmony with the world around you.

Earth Medicine is a global tapestry of all living animals, plants, elements and cycles that weave a cosmological web; a world view of interdependence and union with everything and every thought since the first light of consciousness. At the center of Earth Medicine, in our teachings, is the Soul of the world, herself and the webbed relatedness that this reflects in the human spirit and the essence of all that is seen and unseen. Every hope, every song, every step from our ancestors and those to come are blanketed within the practice of Earth Medicine.


is a holistic pan-cultural healing model that is fruited by working with the spirit of plants, minerals and animals through psychology, therapeutics in nature, environmental respect and the movement of energy in the unseen and physical plane. It is referred to as medicine because the intention of the practitioner is to heal and create an integrated mind, body, heart and soul as it relates to one’s personal journey and to the evolution of our world.


is a co-creative process that influences all allies and beings in the fabric of the world soul. It is a deeply personal and relational process upon which the medicine within is awakened and shared through self-creation and the influence that the fullest expression of who you are has upon our Mother Earth.

Earth Medicine is seeded within a calling. While some of the information may feel logically understood or foreign, there is a feeling of ‘rightness’, a dreamy familiarity, inner knowing and a pulling from the heart center toward waking the wisdom that lives within you.


can be engaged in by anyone who feels. The active role in co-creating your existence along with the Earth is the most natural, responsible and aligned experience a human can participate in over the course of a lifetime. Application is accessible, non-disruptive and more harmonious in our ordinary lives than the way we are conditioned to be living in the mass direction of humanity. It is an antidote to anxiety, pressure, fear, self-doubt, resentment, disappointment and the feelings of hopelessness in a scary time of the world. It is mastery of the heart, self-development, self-mothering, forgiveness, autonomy, pattern-breaking, intentional living and the raising of our future children (whether biological or not).

Earth Medicine may be practiced by a student, a stay-at-home mom, a spiritual teacher, a corporate executive, a child or grandparent. However you’ve come to label yourself, the teachings of the Earth remind you that you are in fact all and no thing; that you are here, in this life, on this page, because you have a purpose and a path to walk — and that tugging is in your field of awareness, acknowledged or not. She (Earth) pulls you in to rest, to rejuvenate, and to rekindle the spark of your Soul that you are here to illuminate the world with. She needs you. And you need here.

Discover your nature.

(you are)


It can be easily misrepresented that I, Lauren, am your teacher for your Earth Medicine Mentorship + Facilitator Certificate. Though curriculum was developed by me, and to a degree is intellectual property in the context of the world of technology, it is of equal parts all of my mentor’s wisdom, bolstered by intuition, shamanic paths, world cosmology and most importantly you, and Mother Earth. In this program - as it is reflected in life, you are your Guru, guided by me, and taught by Earth. Whether you assume an outer label as a teacher is a fluid and personal choice, however, you will awaken inner mastery, embark in a lifelong apprenticeship of self-study and enter into an intentional, reciprocal relationship with the living Earth.


50 hour foundational course “Rooted” with completed coursework

130 hours total completion of coursework, land work, practical and service

to receive a signed facilitator certificate of completion, all coursework, mentorship and hands-on hours must be completed and approved

2 scholarships are offered, apply here. Early entry closes February 15, 2019

dates and locations are detailed in the handbook: 2 absences are allotted with completed corresponding assignments

c u r r i c u l u m

  • the language of nature

  • storytelling and myth for healing

  • earth rhythm

  • forest bathing

  • community ritual

  • facilitator training

  • ecology and right relationship

  • ethics, misappropriation and application

  • sacred herbs

  • elemental wisdom

  • service project mentorship

  • learning from the land immersive

  • responsibility + right relationship

  • art and music and earth based exercises for healing

  • marketing yourself and making a living

The prism which all of the curriculum is imparted through holds fractals of eco psychotherapy, ancient earth practices, astrology, herbalism, shamanic influences from South America and global influence and nature, herself. Your curriculum will help you to journey from the cerebral to spiritual in spirals, incorporating scientific research and ancient wisdom with personal study, poetry, art and exploration.

Participants, in addition to the coursework and practicals are expected to be actively engaged with and maintain personal self-growth practices, lift 25lbs* and posses a willingness to be open, authentic and intentional. This course may be taken for personal development or professional continuing education.

Location: Private Land on the North Fork of Long Island** + Online Supplement

Optional: Guatemala Retreat 18 expressive hours | Required: 4 weekend immersions and 4 site visits | 1 private lesson | readings, practicals and submissions online, service project

Total cost of the certification: $2200

Total cost of the personal enrichment program $1850

10% non refundable deposit is required. Limited space. Payment Plans Available.

*for anyone with physical limitations, aids are welcome, however, wheelchair or other devices may not function properly on farm land; please contact lauren for specific details

**spaces are in nature and may require a drive from the North Shore of Long Island, please carpool where available. Vegan community meals are created and served, please bring additional snacks and water. Overnight accommodations not included, arrangements may be assisted in for house sharing, family hosting or local air bnb. Commuters are welcome.