It was so easy to get lost in the ring, the planning, the dress, the flowers, that I kind of lost myself and who I was becoming as his wife.
— Future Mrs.

"I was so excited for my wedding. I had basically been collecting pictures and inspo for years before I even met my dream guy. So, when the day finally came, I was ready.

Everything went [almost] according to plan. 

Until like 4 months before our vows... when the family and the planning seemed to come at me from all angles. I was catering so much to what everyone else wanted... this Church, this seating arrangement... and I just couldn't stop crying. 

I got so swept away in pleasing everyone else that I didn't even know what I wanted in the first place. 

It was kind of mind-blowing to realize how much time I spent in life picking out the perfect playlist for our reception and agonized over paint colors on the house we were moving into - but never spent the time to discover what was right for me. 

Doing the LYH Coursework was exactly what I needed to get back to who I was (and as you say 'who I am ever-becoming'). 

Truthfully, I wouldn't have even know where to start, what to ask myself, or how to start to answer. The weekend I spent with [LYH Camp] was the so clarifying and is part of my daily life in decision making now - including how I'll go forward as a mommy to be!!! Thank you!"

Saying 'I do' starts with you. Learn how to live your best life (as a wife).