Weight is a universal feeling.

It manifests as a heavy heart, an anxious brain and a body with excess baggage. Lift Your Heart focuses on getting lighter in every way.

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A series of movements with affirmations.

  • Full group training workout* (all levels)
  • Take home your custom LYH Muscle Mantra
  • No gym or equipment required

*Only available in LIVE courses


As a women's fitness specialist, coach and National Physique Committee Champion, I know what it takes (biologically) to achieve a "goal" body. But, when us women approach the gym we need more than a plan for a phenomenal physique: we need CORE work, HEART training, and we need to lose the feelings of FAILURE before we can permanently eliminate FAT.

LYH Coursework is a combination of years of experience personally and professionally to deliver you immediate weight loss of the heart and the tools to apply emotional strength to the health and wellness approach that's best for you.