Walking Meditation



is to blend the landscape of the fine fabrics of reality upon which we experience our waking world and the worlds within and beyond our body.

While meditation, in the traditional sense, is beautiful and beneficial practice, in particular for quieting the overactive Beta waves of the brain, we often aren’t able to preserve the properties of being in a meditative state.

Meditating with our eyes and hearts open with full observation of the interchange of environments externally and internally perceived allows us transcendence of the living world and foreshadows the work we have ahead in the wheel of attuning our frequency.

Try this exercise in a space where you are able to observe nature and your interaction with [her].

Please note: in an effort to encourage your engagement with the meditation, I will not end off our recording… please continue along at your own pace until your heart feels ready.

Questions for journal:

What is walking meditation?

Why is it important to me?

What is one information observation?

What was an obstacle and how can you improve upon it?

Where in your everyday life can you apply this?

How do you feel?

Draw a picture (can be stick figures or interpretive) of you and the Earth during walking meditation.