1...2...3...4... I DECLARE A RESOLUTION WAR. 

Resolutions are supposed to re-energize, re-invigorate and help us to reach higher levels.

Yet 92%* of us will be re-doing the same resolutions come next year. Are you one? (it's okay). *Forbes Magazine

Truth-be-told most of us dropped the ball from the moment we started making our lists... (keep reading)

One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.”
— Marie Curie


Because our resolutions generally, well - suck. They are often lists of things that we haven't done and "should do" labeled 'goals'. And we set our selves up for failure by expecting that we start checking off ✓Weight loss ✓Launch new idea ✓Pay off student loan on the most hungover day of the year - after a month-long feast of holiday heaven.

*insert epic eye roll here*

A rebellion of resolutions is my best-kept-secret for getting shit done in a way that is FAST, FEARLESS, brings CASH FLOW, and is (quite frankly) way more FUCKEN FUN. 


So, i created this mini-camp session for you.

I have never shared this approach publicly before, but as a Women's Fitness Specialist for nearly a decade (and as someone who once had the "goal" of working remotely while helping others whole heartedly), I know how to decipher and deliver RESULTS

Here's some praise for other work I have shared:

"I needed this so badly - thank you." 
"You helped me get my business off the ground..."
"I am ready, I am fully committed and I finally feel successful!!" 
"What a relief! I honestly had no idea where to even begin."

Because I believe SO much in this work (confession: I used to be a procrastinating-perfectionist who dislikes 'goals') and know that it is the only reason that I am blissfully where I am today - I am sharing it with you for a special price of FREE-NINETY-NINE.


There is one catch (isn't there always) I am only offering this for free until camp launches. So, save your seat right here and as soon as you do, you'll be gifted a beautiful e-Book to help set up your 2016 to be run like the lady-boss-of-life that you are ever-becoming. 

I will personally guide you through your (anti)goals for getting everything (and anything) you want right here.

PS - If you can't make the date, register anyway so that you can download the e-Book - it's [pretty] purposeful.



RESOLUTION|REVOLUTION is inspired by the woman who wants to do-it-all and have it all. She is a symbol of revolt against balance and for harmony in her worlds. Divinely feminine in nature and authoritative in direction, she is a mother, a lover, a student of life... a wife to herself first and foremost, a creator, a doer, a dreamer, a wanderer, a wonder to behold and a lifter of her very own heart.