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is the Mother Spirit of the Jungle.

The two-headed serpent is the manifestation of forest energy. She lays in the stillness of the South, under soil, allowing vines to intertwine with her coils, as she morphs into the Tree of Life.

Her energy is the creative potential - a seedling of embryonic transmutation - both the dissolution and recreation of the self.

Snake medicine is needed to begin or renew a healing path, to step into a new place in life and to release things that are suffocating your SoulWork.

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We ask for Sachamama to activate our healing energy and call upon Amaru, snake medicine for transmuting our own pains.

The Cycle Begins September 22, 2018

Ends December 20, 2018


  • 3 months of digestible portions of snake medicine

  • 6+ Live Classes of South Direction of the South American Medicine Wheel teachings, journeys and meditations (+recordings)

  • Beautifully curated .pdfs, ritual, + journal prompts

  • Self-healing techniques, herbal and astrological allies and Earth-rich recipes


Each month we dive deeper and deeper into the belly of Amaru (snake). All course contents are delivered in pieces with prompts to follow along. Sachamama is the first quarter of the medicine wheel in a four direction series, designed to support you throughout the year.

It is recommended that you dream with us through the schedule and complete the South direction, so that you may move along into the West, however, you will have the material to refer to should life take you at another pace or you care to revisit.

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Intentions of payment and journey details:

A numerological “9” holds the vibration of eternity, faith and Universal Spiritual Laws. The resonance of 9 holds concepts of Karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, life purpose, Earthly lessons and our Soul mission. It evokes inner-wisdom and initiation. The 9 relates to the South Node of the Moon (Karmic Astrology) and Monday on the calendar.

Please note: if payment is the ONLY thing preventing you from participating, please contact me, and tell me why you need this so that we may arrange karmic reciprocity.

We begin this cycle in harmony to this vibration. Absolutely every bit of work that is put into this program has been done so with intention and in alignment with the energies of the Earth, the wisdom our ancestors, archetypal teachings, herbal elements, and the astrological patterns. Individually this course would take you across many cultures, years of study, thousands of dollars and deep dives across a variety of subject matter, at times in remote places. Lauren shares this collection of wisdom as channeled through her and invites special guests along the way to aid in your journey. Ultimately, however, this is a space of guidance in which you will filter and refract the light within your own life to heal and transform within a continuous cycle of self-creation. And so it is.


  • Why we exist

  • An overview of Earth Medicine

  • An overview of the South American Medicine Wheel

  • Archetypes of Snake Medicine 

  • The beginning place for all journeys when you feel lost

  • The subtle human anatomy 1.0

  • Rituals for release 

  • Shadow work for reckoning with internal demons

  • Fear, how and why it appears, and exercises to work through it

  • Meditations and Visualization

  • The power of Dreamwork

  • Soul Loss 1.0

  • Intro to Soul gathering

As with all things in nature this is an overview, in order, that will unfold as the energy of the group dictates. In addition to topics covered, we will be dreaming through inspired offerings that overlap with teachings of astrology, archetypal psychology and herbalism as allies in your Snake Medicine Journey.



Upon registering, you gain access to the bi-monthly zoom calls where we meet in our virtual classroom, connect, engage and expand upon context of timeless teachings into your very own sacred space. If you cannot make a call, or wish to review, recordings are available.:

Monday, September 24th (Full Moon in Aries) 8:00pm EST

>> *LIVE ENCORE: Friday, September 28th 12:00pm EST <<

Sunday October 7th (eve of New Moon in Libra) 8:00pm EST

Monday October 22nd 8:00pm EST

Wednesday November 7th *** LIVE *** (New Moon in Scorpio) Ceremony 8:00pm EST

Friday November 9th *** CLASS PRACTICUM *** 12:30pm EST

Sunday November 18th 8:00pm EST

Sunday December 2nd 8:00pm

Sunday December 16th 8:00pm

Friday December 21: Course Complete

Aho! Ah-men, Ah-women, And so it is done!

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Please note: if you are curious about joining me for deeper work in Peru, or in healing immersions, participation in this collection is a prerequisite (as of September 2018) and may serve as an intuitive teaching as to whether a medicine path is for you.