Lauren pacione


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I exist to free your heart: along the way, what results is a stronger body and spirit, a clearer mind and a reclamation of your fundamental right to be happy.

It is my intention as your guide to teach you what you forgot: that you are enough, that you are nature, that you have the ability to self create. I hold your heart: your life and dreams, your purpose and memories, your pain and hope as a whole.

All levels of healing are activated in you as both the drop in the ocean and the ocean itself. Our connection stems from a profound understanding that your struggles, plans for success and Soul Path are interwoven like one tide to the next, and a knowing that you’re here to make waves.

Quit staying small, or blaming mediocrity on circumstance. Your time is now. Reclaim your soul contract; it’s your sacred birthright and human responsibility to heal so that you can help others — and I’m here to help you do that.

Traditional Shipibo Tapestry depicting Spirit Songs

Traditional Shipibo Tapestry depicting Spirit Songs

My services call upon a latitude of experience, tools and resources that range from Spiritual to cerebral.

In our work together, I summon Shamanic arts for addressing root causes, trauma healing and energy balance. I invite leadership skills from programs with Duke and Fuqua School of Business as well as Robbins-Madanes training, and weave entrepreneurial and management experience for achieving goals and gaining structure. Twelve years of exploration in movement medicine, breath-work, healing foods and meditation are seamlessly and selectively woven into your journey.

Together, we connect and create a combination that integrates your Spirit and body, leading to a more level and uplifted life from the inside, out.


Not sure what you need to heal? Let's connect and discover what works best for your mind, body and spirit...

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