I AM. 

Imagine you're born with a superpower to transform yourself into anything you want to be.

Now: stop imagining. You are, super... powerful... and transformative. 

Your spoken self image and how it impacts your inner world and ordinary reality is the result of how you are using your perceptive powers.

They way we start our sentences, directly influences and is influenced by our days and years (generations, even) of limiting belief systems.

Our words are our wand, magically making us into whatever we say we are; smart or stupid, fit or fat, accepting or judging.

Every time we speak we shape a bit of our soul - even [especially] what's said to our Self.

If you're like so many of us, women, you've experienced 'dialogue defeat' - a lashing of the internal tongue to break down self-belief and create a shit storm of doubt.


I am exhausted. I don't have enough time. I'm too fat... I'm always late. I really need to get back to where I was, I'm trying... I'm not in shape... When I have the money... I'm sick and tired of...


97% of women admit to expressing self-cruelty.*

*Negative self-talk, picking at body parts (and I'm pretty sure that several "diets") fall into the category of self-cruelty.

So, what does your "I am _" sound like?

Defining who we are - both physically and emotionally - is one of the most common causes of confusion, internal chaos and the collapse of success.

In SELF HEALING WORKSHOP and VISION OF SELF LOVE SERIES we uncover your CORE COMMUNICATION and create the language that delivers you your best life.

It's all here.

S T A R T   B Y   S A Y I N G