The Art of Lifting... seriously? 

Ya. There's an art to elevating your life and with so many shitty don't-make-you-feel-good diets and excruciating pressures to exercise and meditate and create your own movement, things can get a little murky when it comes to real-life planning and execution in time for Tuesday's PTA meeting. 

So here's the super practical way to get pretty clear about the things that make you feel human (other than those thrice weekly showers you managed to slip in between nap times or Netflix marathons, no judgement)


Grab a paper and fold it into fours or open your notes. One letter per section: L. I. F. T. 

  1. L: things that make you feel loved. umm, kayyy, this is a tricky one to start with so leave it and come back after, you'll see what I mean. 


  1. I: things that make you feel INSPIRED (be as vague or specific as you're in the mood for, leave out the vino)


  • nature 
  • quotes
  • creative writing
  • drawing / painting / art 

Think of some things (and/or use the examples) to help get you started. Tune into the video to make sure that you are getting super clear about how to apply this in daily life. 

3. F: thing that fuel you (charge you up, energy boosters, make you say Fuck-Yea!)

  • exercise / body movement 
  • workshops and retreats (hosting) 
  • hiking / snowboarding / ice skating
  • creating DIY projects

If you feel like the things that you are coming up with overlap a bit, listen up here. (video)

4. T: things that encourage your personal transformation (the needs of your Soul)

  • books + education
  • retreats (attending)
  • spirituality
  • TED talks
  • *trying something at lest once*

Include the items that intrigue you, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. These are ways to elevate your lifestyle, develop your personality and leadership skills, to improve relationships and create a stronger sense and connection to yourself. 

Don't forget to tune into the video for the Loved section (hint: NONE of the answers are 'who')

BONUS: In the video, you are guided to discover the weight is currently blocking you from having a lighter life. 

Pin this and save it for when you make 15 minutes for you and play it in the car for a refresher.